The Story

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Thala or tala (ⵜⴰⵍⴰ) or “fountain” is a story about our deep identity. It is a well-developed spring where the water flows from the depths of the earth, embodying life, fertility and confidence. Tala is a derivative of the Berber word TALALIT ⵜⴰⵍⴰⵍⵉⵜ which means the birth of life and its continuity. It is also a place, at the same time, feared and loved. It is a water point with a history dotted with myths, where numerous ritual practices were observed. The water of Tala has innumerable virtues. It heals, purifies and protects evil spirits. Tala is also and with excellence, a feminine place, a symbol of Beauty and Purety.

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Bio Thala is simply the fountain of Bio.[/dt_highlight]

Our Company Bio Thala is located in west-central of Tunisia, in the region of Thala (TALA) Named by the Berbers, the indigenous peoples of the region, The altitude of Thala is 1,017 meters (3,337 ft), which makes it the highest and the coldest Zone in the country,it is known for her richness on fountains and the oldest one in Tunisia, Some of which date back to the Roman era and still flowing.

Thala Not only a Source of water, agricultural and mining wealth, No it is life herself, rebirth and Continuity, And this small area deserves the name TALA

Thala had a rich and eventful history, with human presence dating back at least 50,000 BC. AD

It was a lively and important urban center, enjoying autonomous governance status, until 106 BC.  and then a long long history the antic and the modern one of wars and revolutions against any invasion. The city is destroyed and plundered several times but it returns strong as always, Young and strong 😉

The last revolution that upset down the whole world was on January 3rd, 2011 Against all dictatorship, hopelessness and injustice and it is quite natural That a revolution of a people of four Arab countries came out FROM Thala, Because it is in our genes We the Thalois people the revolution for us is a code that we inherited from our ancestors.

And in this context our society represents not only products of the region but a whole history, We are settle in Thala, not only for its wealth in Prickly Pear, but also it’s our identity we represent one of the riches of this area, the first unit of this kind in the region, the revolution against the Fear of tomorrow and the hopelessness of its young people, an example to follow in order to build our small town and the willingness of a young woman who saw in Thala her hometown the goddess of rebirth